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Our experience is our expertise with the automation of document-related processes for attorneys and the professionals who support them.

Index Generator is now available.
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Efficient Precision

Eliminate tedious tasks through automation.

Craftware Solutions provides time-saving software add-ons for corporate law firms. They extend the functionality of the Microsoft Office applications you're already accustomed to using.

End-To-End Value

Experience several layers of benefits.

Our utilities automate formatting for the legal documents that your team drafts and reviews every day. Easily measure your ROI with wins at multiple levels of your organization.


Documents reflect your reputation, quality, and experience, but they also play a crucial role in your client's success. We share the same mindset with our utilities. They allow you to focus on the deal, not your document.


The competition for top talent is fierce, and the time it takes to train employees is a hidden expense. Let potential and current employees know you're invested by equipping them with solutions to expedite their workflow. Decrease overtime expenses in the process.


Software increases production and accuracy. If your department uses several software packages, becoming proficient can be challenging if your workload or shift hours make it difficult to attend training. We provide resources that enable you to optimize your use of our tools.

The Table Tool

Automate the details.

Introducing our first (and favorite!) legal workflow utility in the Craftware Solutions suite. The Table Tool seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word and automates the process of converting and formatting tables.

With over 35 options, it delivers on providing a solution for the many minute, technical details that make working with tables so time-consuming.

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Convert tables from virtually any file type

Format multiple tables at once

Rectify problematic issues in existing tables with a dedicated section of features

Produce SEC-quality tables that are ready to be sent to the printer

Industry Insider

Solutions for legal employees by a legal employee.

With 20 years of experience as a legal word processor at some of the nation's biggest law firms, our founder is intimately familiar with how inefficiency impacts productivity and team morale. Our utilities are rich in features and address real world pain points in the legal community.

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