Our Solutions

Allocate resources and time toward craft-related efforts instead of focusing on staffing or word processing techniques. The utilities we've released and have in development are geared toward legal documents, but can be a valuable resource for general MS Office users who would like to simplify task execution.

Fast Upstart

To ensure you hit the floor running and receive the most benefit, we provide detailed user guides online. They consist of instructions, examples and videos for each solution. Customizations according to your firm's specifications are also available for some products.

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Proven Reliability

Practical solutions, flawless operation and execution speed are factors we focus on during development. Our utilities are thoroughly tested against edge case scenarios, continuously fine-tuned as a result of user feedback and free of fluff options that don't provide actual value.

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Craftware Solutions LLC specializes in the automation of tasks for users of the Microsoft Office line of products. Using a task pane or user form, we develop tools to assist users increase productivity while formatting documents and reviewing contracts.

We are in New Jersey (twenty minutes from Manhattan, NY) and can be reached using the contact information below or through the contact form in the footer of each page.

Craftware Solutions LLC
111 Town Square Place
Suite 1203, # 1006
Jersey City, NJ 07310