The Table Tool

Format and convert tables with minimal effort.

The Table Tool is a Microsoft Word add-in that facilitates the formatting of tables. It enables users to produce corruption-free, visually appealing tables in a fraction of the time compared to manual processing. Eliminate the stress tables can cause and impress your clients by requesting a trial today.

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Key Features

With 35+ options to assist with formatting and converting tables from the internet, MS Excel, PDF conversions and EDGAR filings, rest assured, there is a feature for every table-related formatting task.

Intuitive Workflow

The Table Tool levels the playing field for all skill levels with its user-friendly design. By dividing the process of working with tables into smaller workflows, you can step through the application and apply formatting as desired without affecting other table elements.


Rebuild tables in a new structure ready to be formatted or rectify problematic issues in existing tables.

Cleanup resources


Apply user-created or MS Word styles to four individual sections of the table. Toggle and format only the sections you require.

Style resources


Use common table properties (e.g., width, indentation, alignment, cell margins, etc.) without repetitively opening a dialog box.

Structure resources


Incorporate features common to financial tables (e.g., header rows, tabs, indents, data figure alignment, borders and row shading).

Financial resources


Using a new application can feel foreign. We've taken several steps to assist you with overcoming the learning curve. Three avenues of assistance are available in the dedicated support section in the Table Tool.

Getting started


Peruse the online user guide with information detailing every feature in the utility, usage scenarios and general practices. This webpage isn't hidden behind a paywall, so it's easily accessible to you on any device with an internet connection.



Remove uncertainty and work confidently by viewing videos on specific features. Each demonstration is succinct and appropriately titled. Quickly find the answers you need so you can return to your work with minimal downtime.



Receive support directly from the developer who knows every product detail instead of someone reading from a script. Keep abreast of new features and forthcoming developments.


Cost-Effective Pricing

We don't nickel and dime you by capping the number of users or solely offering subscriptions. Simply select one of the flexible licensing options and transform your team's workflow with a proven, effective solution.

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The Specialists

Distribution is limited to members in a single department or practice group (e.g., Word Processing, Capital Markets, etc.).

$3,495 | one-time fee  or  $795 | five annual payments

All Inclusive

Improve efficiency throughout your entire law firm with firm-wide distribution.

$5,995 | one-time fee  or  $1,295 | five annual payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a member of your firm's software acquisition team contact us, and we'll provide a trial for limited use. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide trials to individuals at this time.

We can provide virtual demonstrations through Skype, Zoom or any other platform of your choice. Please contact us so we can schedule a time that's convenient for you.

With the release of version two, yes, the Table Tool will work on a Mac, but there may be compromises. Our latest utilities (e.g., Author Changer) utilize the Office JavaScript APIs, which allow us to deliver compromise-free, cross-platform solutions.