Author Changer

Getting Started

Author Changer is a Microsoft Word add-in that modifies the author metadata of comments and track changes in a document. It facilitates collaboration between colleagues, practice groups and organizations by enabling users to standardize comments and edits by multiple reviewers.

Execution scope

Displays the "All" or "Specify" module based on your selection.

Changing authors

Author Changer provides two ways to change the authors of comments and track changes in a Microsoft Word document. Users have the option to change authors as a whole or individually.


Renames all authors in the document. After entering the new author's name and initials, select the desired change scope options.

Author Changer - Changing All Authors


Lists all authors of comments and track changes in the document. Renames only the authors specified with a check.

Author Changer - Changing Specific Authors


Change scope

Enables users to specify where renaming occurs.


Renames the author for comments.

Track changes

Renames the author for the selected track change element(s). Options include insertions, deletions and formatting changes.

Author Changer - Change Scope


Additional options while renaming comments or track changes.

Remove timestamps

Removes timestamps from the comment or track change while the author is renamed.


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Known Issues

We are aware of the issue(s) below and are working to implement workarounds.

Headers and footers

Authors are not replaced in the headers or footers.


New to working with Microsoft Word's track change or comment features? Need a refresher? Browse this section for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How can I permanently change the author of future track changes and comments?

Author Changer changes the author of preexisting comments and/or track changes. To change the author of newly inserted comments and/or changes, ensure the desired author is entered in Microsoft Word's General Options (File tab > Options > General).

Microsoft Word's General Options (File tab > Options > General)

How can I verify the author was changed?

To verify an author was changed after using Author Changer, use your mouse to hover over the comment or track change in the document. Please note, all authors of comments and/or track changes in the document can be viewed using Microsoft Word's "Specific People" feature (Microsoft Word Review tab > Show Markup (Tracking grouping) > Specific People).

How do I delete comments by a specific author?

Microsoft Word provides users with the ability to delete comments by a specific author.

Step 1: Select the reviewer(s) whose comment(s) you'd like to delete. Ensure only the reviewer(s) with comment(s) to be deleted are checked.

Microsoft Word Review tab > Show Markup (Tracking grouping) > Specific People

Step 2: Select "Delete All Comments Shown" to delete the comment(s) from the previously selected reviewer(s).

Microsoft Word Review tab > Show Comments (Comments grouping)